Water Division

The Water Division is responsible for providing clean, safe water to the City of Fountain Valley and for designing and constructing the system that supplies the residents and businesses with water. Since 1962, the Fountain Valley Water Division has served the community and planned for the needs of tomorrow. Always conscious of our water supply, the City encourages you to conserve water.

Pay Water Bill Online
You may pay your water bill online. 
Please click THIS LINK to go to the bill payment portal. 
  1. Report Water Waste

    Fill out and submit this form if you see a malicious use of water in Fountain Valley.

  2. Water Restrictions

    The City of Fountain Valley City Council has declared a Water Supply Shortage Alert. All water customers are required to adjust their water use to comply with the mandatory water conservation regulations.

  3. Water Efficiency Rebates & Programs

    For those who wish to do more to reduce their water use, the City offers many rebate programs through the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC).

  4. Water Conservation

    Our water situation is serious, but you can help by following these simple water saving tips.

  5. Turf Removal

    Learn how to dramatically reduce outdoor water use by replacing turf with California friendly plants.

  6. Southern California Water Supply

    Understand how the current weather conditions are affecting Fountain Valley’s water supply.

  7. Urban Water Management Plan

    The purpose of the Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) is to provide the State of California’s Department of Water Resources an assessment of the City's present and future water resources needs.

  8. Water Leak Detection

    This page contains information about how to detect a water leak.

  9. Water Quality Report

    View yearly water and hardness reports online.

  10. Water & Sewer Rates

    View current water and sewer rates, as well as scheduled increases.

  11. Rain Barrel Event

    There are no rain barrel events scheduled at this time. Please check back in 2017 for future dates, or sign up for electronic notifications from the City of Fountain Valley.

  12. Water Quality Reports & FAQs

    Access the City's Annual Water Quality Report and get answers to frequently asked questions about water quality.