Housing & Family Services

  1. Family Assistance & Social Service Resources

    The City of Fountain Valley understands that there are many families in need of assistance these days and wishes to provided as much guidance as possible on where those families can look for help.

  2. Foreclosure Registry

    In an effort to curtail the growing problem of abandoned and neglected properties in the City of Fountain Valley, the City Council has enacted Ordinance 1468 that requires lenders to register these properties with the City of Fountain Valley.

  3. Homebuyer Programs

    Take advantage of the programs in Fountain Valley that assist families in finding the right home.

  4. Housing Challenges in OC Video

  5. Housing & Community Development

    With a variety of programs related to physical housing and neighborhood preservation, Housing and Community Development helps shape the city’s economic future and fosters a better quality of life for the citizens of Fountain Valley.

  6. Neighborhood Bulletins

    Review posted neighborhood bulletins.