Thu Apr 24, 2014

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It is my honor to have been selected to replace a City Manager who has led this community for 26 years   and to be joining the Fountain Valley team at this very exciting time.  The entire financial world changed approximately 5 years ago.  Also, the State of California has made several decisions over the past few years that have also impacted our ability to fund services that create the environment which makes Fountain Valley a “Nice Place to Live.”  Due to the efforts of the City Council and my predecessor Ray Kromer, this city is well positioned and poised to work our way out of the great recession.

Despite cutting nearly $7 million from the City budget over the past 5 years, we still have a gap to fill.  Fortunately, we have a strong reserve that can help us bridge that gap but we are going to need to continue looking at new ways to enhance our revenues.  Many of our shopping centers continue to have vacancies that need to be filled and new businesses are not rushing in to fill those voids.  The good news is we have Costco, Sam’s and Fry’s that have weathered the storm and continue to do business in town however,  we need to develop a plan to build on that retail base.   There is also a new Ayres Hotel scheduled to open this year which will add to our lodging selections and bring new revenue to the City.  Also, the Hyundai North American Headquarters building is nearing completion which will bring nearly 700 new jobs to Fountain Valley.  It will be necessary to look at all of the assets in town and see how we can use them to continue to build our new economy.

Next month the City Council and Department Heads will meet to develop a Strategic Plan that will help prioritize and provide direction to staff which will assist us going forward.  This plan will outline our goals for the next 3 years and develop the immediate action steps necessary to begin moving in that direction.  This plan will serve as the road map for us as we move forward in this new era in Fountain Valley.

It is truly my honor and privilege to serve the residents of Fountain Valley today and for many years to come.  


Bob Hall
City Manager