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Posted on: January 10, 2018

Fire Department Recap on Recent Activities

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Last year, the fire department was busy!  In 2017, fire crews responded to 7,196 emergency calls, which is approximately a 5% increase in calls compared to 2016. Medical emergencies, including traffic accidents and industrial rescues, were the majority (84%) of the responses. The interesting point about medical emergencies is that there is generally some sort of rescue needed prior to crews treating the patient. 

Good news! Crews responded to 19 fewer fires within Fountain Valley in 2017 as compared to 2016. The total fire responses were 301 and most were single family resident fires. In most cases, fire crew’s rapid response and strategic attack resulted in keeping the fires from spreading beyond the starting point. Early detection and rapid 9-1-1 notification is a critical component in keeping fires from getting out of control. Please make it one of your New Year Resolutions to install smoke detectors if you don’t have them, replace batteries in existing detectors, and pre-plan for potential emergencies. 

Firefighters responded to multiple large wildland fires such as the Canyon 1 & 2 Fires (Anaheim/Orange) and the Thomas Fire (Ventura/Santa Barbara Counties). The nine firefighters that responded to the Thomas fire in Ventura were there for 14 days. We were happy they returned home safely and were able to spend the holidays with their families. 

This year is proving to be just as busy, if not busier than 2017.  Fire crews started the year by responding to a large motorhome parked between two houses that was fully engulfed in fire. The crew’s rapid response and fast actions saved the two adjacent homes from major fire damage. While the motorhome was a total loss, the houses only received minor exterior damage. 

Cases of influenza and general sickness have significantly increased since the New Year. The CDC recommends "flu shots" and further states that January is not too late to receive a flu vaccination. 

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