Planning & Building 
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Building Division 


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Name Title Email Phone
Doggett, Darik Contract Building Official 714-593-4566
Konrad, Tom Contract Building Inspector 714-593-4541
Miller, Lance Contract Building Inspector 714-593-4432
Larsen, Sheila Contract Permit Technician 714-593-4429
Hartley, Beth Contract Permit Technician 714-593-4429
Jen, Ben Contract Building Technician 714-593-4429

Code Enforcement 

10200 Slater Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA 92708


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Name Title Email Phone
Newman, Ashlyn Code Enforcement Officer 714-593-4510
Caruso, Rachel Code Enforcement Officer 714-593-4512

Planning Division 


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Name Title Email Phone
Mogensen, Matt Planning and Building Director 714-593-4426
Ayers, Steven Planner 714-593-4431
Jenkins, Matt Assistant Planner 714-593-4427
Leifkes, Rebecca Housing Analyst 714-593-4428
Montano, Lisa Administrative Assistant 714-593-4425