Wed Apr 1, 2015

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shop 92708

Shop 92708 Logo

Announcing the new "Shop 92708" program for Fountain Valley shoppers and businesses

Shop 92708 is the new program offering Fountain Valley shoppers discounts on products and services throughout the city from participating merchants and service providers.

The program is open to all Fountain Valley residents and those that work in the city. Special Shop 92708 cards will distributed soon to all eligible consumers.

Shop 92708 will also hold special events throughout the city during the year, connecting consumers with the local merchants, their services and special offers. Our first event is a “cash mob” event on April 14th.  Information is available at

Check back often for updated lists of participating merchants, and more information on special events and Shop 92708 promotions.

why shop local?

Shopping in Fountain Valley helps to foster a healthy local economy and community.  By supporting local businesses you also help to support the services the City provides its residents through sales tax revenue.  Sales tax is one of the main sources of income for the City.  For every $1 that is spent at retail establishments in Fountain Valley the City receives 1¢ to pay for vital services such as Police, Fire, roadway repairs, or park maintenance.  Help to do your part; Shop Fountain Valley! 

Within Fountain Valley you can find a great business for all your purchases.  To assist you, the City provides a Business Listings of retail, service, etc. businesses within the City.  The Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce also provides a Civic Membership for residents to take advantage of discounts and access to events for a small annual fee.