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City Hall Phone Directory
(714) 593-4400  Main Number
October 16, 2007

Fountain Valley utilizes a voice activated answering system to assist callers on this main number.  When calling the City, you may simply speak the name of the Person or Department (as listed below) that you wish to talk to and you will be automatically transfered to their extension.  If you already know the 3 digit extenion number you wish to reach, you may enter it when the greeting begins.

Additionally, calls for several functions that are NOT handled by the City, (i.e. Animal Control, Marriage Licenses, etc., ) may be automatically tranfered to the appropriate agency.

To learn more about our Voice Recognition System please click here

Street Address

City of Fountain Valley

10200 Slater Ave.

Fountain Valley, CA 92708


Hours of Operation

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Monday through Friday

City Council
(714) 593-4403
Guy Carrozzo
Mayor Pro Tem
Larry Crandall
City Council Member
Cheryl Brothers
City Council Member
John Collins
City Council Member
Steve Nagel

City Administration
City Manager
Raymond Kromer
(714) 593-4410
Admin Secretary
Mary Bowron
(714) 593-4410
City Attorney
Alan Burns
(714) 593-4403

Business License
(714) 593-4421

City Clerk
City Clerk
Robin Roberts
(714) 593-4445

City Council
Admin Secretary
Mary Bowron
(714) 593-4410

City Yard
Streets, Parks, Water & Fleet
(714) 593-4600

Community Services
Community Services Manager
Mark Nix
(714) 593-4449
The Center at Founders Village
Senior & Community Center
(714) 593-4446

Finance/Business License
Finance Director
Liz Fox
(714) 593-4418
Fire, Building & Safety
Fire Chief
Bill Walker
(714) 593-4436
Building Official
Bob Elkins
(714) 593-4429 ext 268

Planning Director
Andy Perea
(714) 593-4425

Police Chief
Paul Sorrell
(714) 593-4485

Public Works
Public Works Director / City Engineer
Mark Lewis
(714) 593-4434

Recreation Center
(714) 839-8611

County Library
Branch Librarian
Jane Deeley
(714) 962-1324

City of Fountain Valley, 10200 Slater Avenue, Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Phone: (714)593-4400 Fax: (714) 593-4494 Email:
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