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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a subject listing of Frequently Asked Questions. Click on the subject for information. In addition to these resources, you will also find Information relating to County and State Agencies on our Links Page


Bee Hive Concerns Hospitals in Fountain Valley
Birth & Marriage Certificates Mile Square Park Information
Better Business Bureau Information Neighborhood Watch Information
Bicycle License Information Open Public Works Biddings
Building Permit Questions Parkway Trees Questions
Business License Information Pay a Parking Ticket
Cable TV Issues Post Office Information
City Council Meeting Schedule Property Tax Bill Information
City Council Members Public Library Information
City Facility Rentals Register as a Contractor/Vendor
City Hall Address Reporting Graffiti 
City Hall Hours Report Water Pollution
City Hall Phone Directory Recreation Classes Offered
City Hall Tours Rodents, Mosquitoes, Flies and Pests
Code Enforcement Violations School District Information
Congressional Members Information Senior Club Information
Contact Chamber of Commerce Social Security Office Information
Current City Job Openings Stray Animal Questions
DMV Information Street Light Outage Questions
Flood Zone Information Street Sweeping Schedules
Fountain Valley Boys & Girls Club Trash Can Rummaging 
Hazardous Waste Disposal Trash Pickup Questions
Have Fingerprints Taken Water Service Turn on/off
Heritage Park Reservations Water Quality Questions


How do I have a Bee Hive removed from my Yard?

Call O.C. Beekeeper. (714) 968-1632. This is a private company and will relocate the bees for a donation.


Where do I go for Birth Certificates and Marriage Certificates?

Contact the County Recorder's Office
Birth Certificates – (714) 834-2872
Marriage Certificates - (714) 834-3005


How do I contact the Better Business Bureau?

6101 Ball Road
Cypress, CA
(714) 527-0680 Main Number
(714) 527-0783 Complaint Number

Better Business Bureau website


How do I License my new Bike?                                                                  Top of Page

Call FV Police at (714) 593-4485 for a schedule.  There is no charge for a bicycle license and it can help the Police to return it to you if it gets stolen.


Do I need a Building Permit for a home improvement? 

Yes, visit the Building Department's webpage, or call 714-593-4429.


How do obtain or renew a Business License?  What are the requirements?

Visit the Business License Division webpages or call 714-593-4232


How do I get help with my Cable TV question or complaint?

The Public Cable Television Authority can help with resolving complaints.


When is the next scheduled City Council Meeting

Visit our Community Calendar for scheduled meetings.


Who are my City Council Members?                                                            Top of Page

Meet your City Council Members on our City Council webpage .


Are City Facilities available for rentals?

Yes, call 714-593-4446 or visit our Rentals webpage for more information.


What is the address of City Hall?

10200 Slater Avenue.  The nearest cross streets are Brookhurst Street and Slater Avenue. Click here for the location of other City facilities.


How do I contact a City Department?

Visit our Contact Us webpage for a department telephone directory.


What are the Business Hours of City Hall?                                                  Top of Page

Visit our City Hall Business Hours webpage.


Do you give tours of City Hall?

Yes, tours can be arranged, call the City Council Office at (714) 593-4403 for more information.

Who do I call about a Code Enforcement Issue or Complaint?

Call Code Enforcement at (714) 593-4444.


Who are my United States and California Congressional Members?

Visit our Local Legislature webpage.


How do I contact the local Chamber of Commerce?                                   Top of Page

Visit the Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce for information.


What jobs are currently open with the City?

Visit the Personnel Department webpage for a listing of current job openings.


Where is the closest DMV Office?

In Westminster, 13700 Hoover – (800) 777-0133
In Costa Mesa, 650 W. 19th Street – (800) 777-0133
For additional DMV information or to visit their website, Click here


Is my home or business in a Flood Zone?  How can I get information?

Flood Zone Information is available through the Building and Safety Department.


How do I find out about the local Boys and Girls Club?                                Top of Page

The Huntington Valley Boys and Girls Club can be reached at (714) 531-2582.


Where can I dispose of Hazardous Waste?

Information on Hazardous Waste Disposal is available through the Public Works Department.


How do I get my Fingerprints taken for my new job?

Fingerprinting is available by appoint through the Police Department.


Can I reserve Heritage Park? 

Yes, call Barbara Montz at 714-623-8180 for rental information and for Fountain Valley Historical Society information.


What hospitals are located in Fountain Valley?                                             Top of Page

Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, 17100 Euclid (At Warner)
Phone:  (714) 966-7200

Orange Coast Memorial Hospital, 9920 Talbert (At Brookhurst)
Phone:  (714) 378-7000


Can I make a reservation at Mile Square Park?

Yes, visit or contact the County Park Ranger at (714) 973-6600.

Mile Square Golf - (714) 968-4556    David L. Baker Golf - (714) 418.2152.


How do I get involved in Neighborhood Watch?

Visit Neighborhood Watch webpage.


What Public Works projects are currently being Bid?                                     Top of Page

Public Works project information is available on the Public Works Projects webpage.


I have a question about Parkway Trees, where can I find information?

Parkway Tree information is available through the Public Works Department.


How do I pay my parking ticket? 

Mail your fine in the envelope provided with your ticket or pay your ticket on line.  For further information, call (800) 553-4412. For a question regarding the violation, call (714) 593-4485.


Where is the Fountain Valley Post Office?

17227 Newhope Street. (Newhope, between Slater and Warner) (714) 966-0595 or (800) 275-8777.


Who do I call with questions about my Property Tax bill?                               Top of Page

Call the Orange County Tax Collector at (714) 834-3411. 


How do I find information about the Fountain Valley Public Library?

The Library is located at 17635 Los Alamos, behind City Hall and the Community Center.  For hours and other information call (714) 962-1324 or visit


How do I register as a Contractor or Vendor with the City?

The City maintains and online Contractor/Vendor database.  All Vendors and Contractors wishing to do business with the City must first register here.


How do I report Graffiti?

The City has established a Graffiti Hotline.  Please call 714-593-4604 or email to to report graffiti.


How do I report Water Pollution?                                                                    Top of Page

City of Fountain Valley Water Pollution Hotline:

Monday - Thursday

7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

(714) 593-4441

County of Orange 24-hour Water Pollution Hotline:

(877) 897-7455


What are the Recreation Classes Offered?  How do I register?

Visit the Classes and Registration webpage for a complete listing. 


Where can I find help with Rodent, Mosquito, Fly, or Pest problems?

Call the Orange County Vector Control at (714) 971-2421.


What School District do I live in?  How can I contact them?

Visit our Schools webpage to be directed to information on our School Districts.


Does Fountain Valley have a Senior Club? Where can I find information?

Yes, information about Senior Activitiescan be found on our Older Adults webpage or by calling 714-593-4446.


Where is the closest Social Security Office?                                                  Top of Page

The Social Security Office is at 17075 Newhope St. Fountain Valley.  The phone number is 1-800-772-1213.


Who do I call if there is a Stray Animal in my neighborhood?

Call the Orange County Animal Control at (714) 935-6848. If the animal is an immediate threat to the safety of other persons, call 911. Orange County Animal Control is located at 561 City Drive South, Orange, CA 92868.


The street light out front of my house is burned out, who do I call to fix it?

Contact Southern California Edison to report the Street Light Outage online or at 1800-611-1911.  You can also call the Engineering Division at (714) 593-4433 during normal business hours. .


What is my Street Sweeping Schedule?  On holiday weeks?  When it rains?

Visit our Street Sweeping webpage for information.


Is it legal for people to dig through my trash cans?                                         Top of Page

No, it is not, such activity is prohibited by FV municipal ordinance.
If you witness someone doing this, please call FV Police Dispatch at (714) 593-4483 and report it.


What is my Trash Pickup Schedule?  On holiday weeks? 

Visit our Trash Collection Schedule webpage for information.


Who do I call about having my Water turned on or off?

Call the Water Department at (714) 593-4420.


Who do I call to ask about the Water Supply or the Water Quality?                Top of Page

Call Public Works Field Services Water Division at (714) 593-4600.