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community development block grant program survey OPPORTUNITY

The City of Fountain Valley is expecting to receive approximately $1.25 million in federal funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) over the next five years. These Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds are used for community development and housing projects in the City. A Housing and Community Needs Survey is now available for you to assist the City in determining the types of activities that should be funded.

Click the link below to access the survey. Please be advised, that the surveys are due to the City no later than Friday, February 27, 2015.

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Welcome to the City of Fountain Valley Housing And Community Development Division!

With a variety of programs related to physical housing and neighborhood preservation, Housing and Community Development helps shape the City’s economic future and fosters a better quality of life for the citizens of Fountain Valley. In order to assist households with home ownership and/or Fountain Valley residents with home improvements, the following programs were created.


  1. Home Improvement Program: The City of Fountain Valley has several types of assistance to help low-income home owners repair their homes. FUNDS ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE.
    To view the Home Improvement Flyer Click Here
    For more information on the City of Fountain Valley's Home Improvement Program Click Here

  2. First Time Home Buyer Program: To assist Low and Moderate income households purchase of homes in Fountain Valley. The City of Fountain Valley First Time Home Buyer program is suspended until further notice.
    To view the First Time Home Buyer Flyer Click Here
    For other Affordable Housing Purchase information Click Here

  3. Affordable Housing Projects:The City of Fountain Valley previously provided funds to developers for the development of affordable housing units. In return, all of the units in the affordable projects are required to be sold to income eligible households, at an affordable price. Occassionally, these units come up for resale. Subsequent buyers must meet income eligiblity and affordability criteria for the term of the affordability. PLEASE NOTE : The City of Fountain Valley does not maintain a list of units currently available for sale. The City does not pre-qualify homebuyer when no units are available, and therefore does NOT maintain a list of potentially eligible homebuyers. Additionally, The City of Fountain Valley will only review potential buyer documentation, at the time an offer is being presented to the listing agent for a unit currently for sale.
    For information on Affordable Housing Projects Click Here.

  4. Fountain Valley Affordable Housing Database: In accordance with the provisions of AB 987, passed by the California State Legislature, a database listing newly constructed and substantially rehabilitated housing units, that were developed or otherwise assisted with Low and Moderate Income Housing Funds (LMIHF), including units counted toward the Agency's inclusionary and replacement housing obligations, is required to be posted for public review. Please be aware this is only a summary of affordable housing units assisted with LMIHF and is NOT a listing of currently available housing. Pursuant to AB 987, this listing is updated annually.
    For the Affordable Housing Database
    Click here .


Assistant Planner: Matt Jenkins (714) 593-4427

Housing Analyst: Rebecca Leifkes (714) 593-4425

Housing Coordinator: Brent Hoff (714) 593-4511

Interim Planning Director: Matt Mogensen (714) 593-4425



Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

1.    FY 2012-2013 Annual Action Plan

As required under U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations, the City of Fountain Valley has prepared its FY2012-2013 Annual Action Plan for Community Planning and Development Programs (Action Plan) this is the first year of the 2010-14 Consolidated Plan.  An approved Action Plan is a prerequisite for funding under HUD's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

The FY 2012-13 Action Plan describes the activities/projects that the City of Fountain Valley is proposing to undertake utilizing funds made available by HUD under the CDBG program. To access the Document Click here .  

To access the Projects Click here

2.    Substantial Amendment To The Fy 2012-2013 Action Plan For Community Planning And Development Programs (Action Plan)

The City of Fountain Valley Housing and Community Development (HCD) Department, in accordance with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations, has prepared a Substantial Amendment to the FY 2012-2013 Action Plan for Community Planning and Development Programs (Action Plan).  The Substantial Amendment to the FY 2012-2013 Action Plan describes the projects/activities proposed by the City of Fountain Valley utilizing available Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.

For FY 2012-2013, the City of Fountain Valley has prepared a Substantial Amendment to increase funding for the purpose of making Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant renovations to restrooms at the Fountain Valley Recreation Center.To Access the Document Click Here.

3. 2014-2021 Fountain Valley Housing Element has been Approved

The Housing Element is one of the seven mandated elements of the General Plan. The Housing Element contains goals and objectives for the production of housing for all economic segments of the community including affordable housing; it covers the planning period from January 1, 2014 – June 30, 2021. To access the Approved 2014 Housing Element Click Here

4. FY 2013-14 Housing Successor Annual Report Approved

In compliance with requirements outlined in SB 341, this Housing Successor Annual Report (Report) regarding the Low and Moderate Income Housing Asset Fund (LMIHAF) has been prepared pursuant to California Health and Safety Code Section 34176.1(f) and is dated as of November 6, 2014. The report was approved by the Fountain Valley Housing Authority at a public meeting on November 6, 2014.

To ensure compliance with the new regulations the Housing Successor Annual Report and the last redevelopment implementation plan are being posted on this web site.

FY2013-2014 Housing Successor Annual Report

Final Fountain Valley Implementation Plan




For information about Rental Assistance, Please contact Orange County Housing Authority Section 8 Program .

For information about Fair Housing and Tenant/Landlord issues please contact Fair Housing Council of Orange County .

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