Fri Mar 27, 2015

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The City encourages all residents who observe a coyote in town to call the Fountain Valley Police Department at 714-593-4485/86 to report the sighting. 

This information is important in determining the true extent and nature of the problem.  If you experience any sort of aggressive behavior from a coyote or other wildlife, call 911. 

Please take a moment and watch this information video on coyote safety.

To reduce the chance of unwanted wildlife visiting your home and neighborhood, we encourage you to follow and educate your neighbors on these simple tips:

  • Remove food sources from outside your home
  • Store dog and cat food inside your garage or home – keep it covered
  • Pick up ripened fruit that has fallen to the ground
  • Cover trashcans
  • Bring cats and small animals inside at night
  • Do not leave food out for stray animals
  • Encourage your neighbors to take these steps

To ensure you are kept up-to-date on the Wildlife and Coyote Watch Program, please log onto and sign up for the Neighborhood Watch Newsletter

Below is a list of important links to contact and coyote information.

Contact Information

Fountain Valley Police Department 714-593-4485 (please do not call 911 unless there is a threat)

OC Animal Control Services  714-935-6848 (business hours)

                                          714-935-7158 (after hours)

Department of Fish & Game  858-467-4201


Educational Resources

Keep Them Wild

Deterring Coyotes