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Fountain Valley – City of Kindness in 2021 and Beyond

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As we wind down 2021 summer time and slowly gear up to normalcy, I would like to share with the Fountain Valley community of my inauguration of Fountain Valley to be the City of Kindness at the last concert in the park series on July 29, 2021. We have gone through many challenges in the last two years and I am super proud and excited to work and partner with our City Council, Fountain Valley School District, Fountain Valley Rotary, Fountain Valley Community Foundation, Fountain Valley Kiwanis, Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce, and many more community champions in making Fountain Valley a City of Kindness.

City of Kindness is a growing center of the kind movement. City of Kindness is a coalition of organization working to inspire kindness in our world. The Dalai Lama is a big supporter and many celebrities including the City of Anaheim. Four year ago, the City Manager Rob Houston and I had a private audience with his holiness, the Dalai Lama. He whispered to us about making Fountain Valley a City of Kindness. To learn more about the City of Kindness, go to

I would like you, our residents and businesses, to spread kindness and challenge you to do the million acts of “kindness”. Let’s do this together and make Fountain Valley a City of Kindness – “Do Kindness, Teach Kindness, Spread Kindness, Recognize Kindness”. We will recognize our community champions who spread kindness at City Council Meetings beginning September 2021 so send us information when someone spread kindness like yourself, your family, your neighbor, your business, or anyone in your surroundings to and we will share and recognize all the kindness we are doing as the City of Kindness.

Let’s make Fountain Valley a Nice, Kind Place to Live!

Mayor Michael Vo

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