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Here you'll find information, videos and links about Fountain Valley, via weekly updates from Mayor Cheryl Brothers on important information in our community.

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Mayor's Update - 10/28/2020

Mayor Cheryl Brothers visited OC Animal Care this week. To view the video produced by Public Cable Television Authority, please click the preview window below.

Gisler Principal
Fish n Wildlife
2020 1006 - Mayor's Corner
2020 0816 - FVRH1
2020 1006 - Mayor's Corner

Mayor's Message

Mayor Brothers

It is an honor to lead City Council as Mayor in 2020. The City is in a good position; however, there are many external challenges like housing requirements that we will continue to work hard to overcome and do our best to protect City resources. As stated in my Mayor’s sworn in speech I will keep the city moving forward on a level and keep improving as best we can.

As Mayor, I will encourage our community to participate and be involved. Volunteerism is what makes a community great and Fountain Valley has the right people so come out and make an impact locally. We have national organizations like Rotary and Kiwanis; Fountain Valley Community Foundation, Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce, Fountain Valley Historical Society, Center at Founders Village, Fountain Valley Recreation Center, Police Department Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Fire Inspection Reserve Seniors Task-force, and many more locally to elevate Fountain Valley. I’m proud to serve Fountain Valley and I hope you will too.

City Council and I will continue our efforts and plan for the future through the City’s Strategic Plan. Our three-year goals are:
1. Enhance economic development
2. Achieve financial stability
3. Attract, develop and retain quality staff
4. Maintain and enhance infrastructure and facilities
5. Enhance community outreach and engagement

To get our latest 6-month strategic objectives, you can go to this LINK.

Local businesses are a part of our community make-up and their success is our success. I will continue to support our efforts in business retention and attraction programs to maintain economic vitality and grow where possible.
To get the latest information on our economic development efforts, you can go to this LINK.

We are gearing up on our General Plan Update and we would like you to be involved in the process to plan the community through 2040. For more information on the General Plan Update, you can go to this LINK.

Be involved to make a difference in Fountain Valley!  IT's FUN!

Cheryl Brothers

Fountain Valley - 2020 State of the City