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Measure HH Update, May 17th, 2018

Dear Neighbor,

The Measure HH – Essential City Services Oversight Advisory Committee (“Oversight Committee”) was established by the City Council on April 4, 2017 after passage of Measure HH on the November 8, 2016 ballot. The Oversight Committee is responsible for producing a report that records the results of its review, at a policy level, the City’s annual audited financial statements, mid-year budget report and proposed annual General Fund operating budget in regards to the receipt and expenditure of Measure HH revenues in relation to the City’s adopted “Responsible Spending Pledge.”

The Oversight Committee held three meetings in 2017 and three meetings in 2018. On February 20, 2018 the Oversight Committee issued its report (see link below) to the City Council which concluded that the audited revenue and expenses for the year ended June 30, 2017 and budgeted revenue and expenses for fiscal year 2017-18 are consistent with the intent of the Measure HH ballot measure.

The Committee met on April 26, 2018 to review the Proposed Budget of Measure HH Revenues and Expenditures for 2018-19. The Committee also reviewed the 20-Year Financial Plan, which sets forth fiscal policy with a long-term goal for fiscal sustainability. The Proposed Budget for 2018-19 includes approximately $5.3 million budgeted towards maintaining essential City services. $550,000 is budgeted for capital improvements related to residential road rehabilitation and park improvements. $2 million is budgeted for an additional payment to CalPERS, which will save the City approximately $3 million in interest expense. The balance of Measure HH Funds, at approximately $4 million, is set aside for reserves.

The Committee concluded that the budgeted revenue and expenses for 2018-19 are consistent with the intent of the Measure HH ballot measure and the Responsible Spending Pledge. The Committee’s report on the 2018-19 budget can be found in the link below.

We thank the community for your ongoing support in keeping the City “A Nice Place to Live”. If you have any questions regarding Measure HH – Essential City Services, please contact the City Manager’s Office at (714) 593-4410 or the Finance Department at (714) 593-4501.


Jason Al-Imam
Finance Director

Measure HH Oversight Committee Meeting Agendas & Videos:

* Please click the  icon to view the videos of the HH Oversight Committee Meetings from the link