Information on Measure HH, Essential City Services

Measure HH Update, July 2019

Dear Neighbor,

On November 8, 2016 the residents of Fountain Valley approved Measure HH, a one-percent transactions and use (i.e. “sales”) tax. The use of Measure HH is guided by the City’s Responsible Spending Pledge and the 20-Year Financial Plan, where the goal is to pay off all debt and to have a balanced operating budget in 2037 when Measure HH sunsets. Accountability and transparency is built into the process. For example, the Measure HH – Essential City Services Oversight Advisory Committee (“Oversight Committee”) generally meets four (4) times a year to ensure that Measure HH funds are spent as promised. In addition, Measure HH revenues and expenses are audited annually by an independent certified public accounting firm.

The Oversight Committee reported to the City Council on May 14, 2019 that budgeted Measure HH revenues and expenditures for 2019/20 are consistent with the intent of the Measure HH ballot measure and the Responsible Spending Pledge. Measure HH is being used to fund essential city services (including Police, Fire, Senior & Youth Programs), capital improvements and to build and maintain reserves. An additional payment of $2 million is also budgeted to be made to CalPERS to pay down pension debt, which will save the City $1.6 million in interest expense. Reports from the Oversight Committee and the independent auditors can be found below.

We thank the community for your ongoing support in keeping the City “A Nice Place to Live”. If you have any questions regarding Measure HH – Essential City Services, please contact the City Manager’s Office at (714) 593-4410 or the Finance Department at (714) 593-4501.


Jason Al-Imam
Finance Director

Measure HH Oversight Committee Meeting Agendas & Videos:

* Please click the  icon to view the videos of the HH Oversight Committee Meetings from the link