Meet your Newest Planning Commissioner

It is our Planning Commission’s task to make recommendations to the City Council on various development issues in town.
The Commission makes decisions related to development within the city, the subdivision of land, and zoning and land use.
This past month, the City Council, following an application and interview process, selected various members of the community to serve on several city commissions, committees and boards.

Longtime resident Bill Cameron was chosen as the Citys newest planning commissioner, joining Commissioners Brad Gaston, Patrick Harper, Steve Brown, Herman Jack Ajamian and alternate Robert McVicker.
When it comes to caring for the community and using wisdom to make sound choices that benefit the city, Mr. Cameron fits the bill perfectly.

Bill and his wife Tracy are active in the community on several fronts. He is a volunteer with the Fountain Valley Community Foundation and coordinated volunteer efforts last summer when the city hosted the Special Olympics athletes from The Netherlands for The World Games in Los Angeles.

As a volunteer for the Fountain Valley Community Foundation, Bill along -- with Pete Haak and Steve Pavich --coordinated efforts to have food drive collection boxes at various businesses in town for the holiday season. That drive brought in 6,000 pounds of food that was delivered to more than 50 families. He’s also stepped up at the annual tree lighting, poker tournament and most recently the Easter egg hunt.

And this month, Bill is one of the project coordinators for Community Service 2016, scheduled for April 23-24. He will be coordinating the efforts of more than 1,000 community members who will spruce up parts of Fountain Valley and Huntington Beach over two days. The effort is sponsored by the Greater Huntington Beach Interfaith Council. Volunteers will spend the weekend improving parks, historical sites, nature centers, and beaches.

Bill spent 30 years working at Boeing before retiring in January 2013. While at Boeing he was at times involved in various negotiations between the company and the government. “There are some things that are on the planning shelf that we’re looking at as a way of improving the community and raising revenue,” Bill said. “As a result, there’s been some contentiousness. Going forward, what I feel I can bring to the table is the ability to be a critical listener. I can listen and weigh both sides of an issue and hopefully help reach a consensus that everyone can live with.” Incidentally, Bill grew up in the Bay area and is an avid San Francisco Giants fan -- but we won’t hold that against him.

Welcome Bill!