Welbrook Assisted Living Facility (Parkview Estates)

The proposed Welbrook Assisted Living Facility includes a new 110,000 square foot Assisted Living Facility located at 11360 Warner Avenue. The project will be located on a 3.96 acre vacant lot located directly behind Palm Island and within the 55 acre Fountain Valley Medical Center Specific Plan. The proposed project will include the construction of a 1-2 story 110,000 square foot building for assisted living including specialized memory care units. The building will be approximately 42 feet tall at its peak and feature mission style architecture with an earth tone color palate and tile roofs. The project will provide a total of 142 units with 162 beds. Unit breakdowns will include 60 studio units, 42 one bedroom units, and 4 two bedroom units in the Assisted Living section. Within the Memory Care section there will be 20 private units and 16 shared units. 

Facility amenities will include a kitchen, dining areas indoors and outdoors, a salon, theater, elevators, maintenance and supply rooms, a physical therapy/wellness center, an activities room, and three outdoor courtyards. There will be approximately 100 parking stalls provided around the perimeter of the proposed building. 
The assisted living facility will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week with varying hours for amenities such as the kitchen operation, gym, salon, and activity center. It is anticipated there will be about 85 full time employees at the facility.

Negative Declaration

The City of Fountain Valley, as the Lead Agency, has prepared a Negative Declaration (ND) for the proposed Welbrook Assisted Living Facility pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act.
The public review period for the ND is December 1, 2016 to December 21, 2016.

The public is invited to provide comments on the Negative Declaration to the attention of:

Mr. Steven Ayers, Planner, City of Fountain Valley
10200 Slater Avenue. Fountain Valley, CA  92708

Or email at planning.building@fountainvalley.org
Notice of Intent to Adopt a Negative Declaration

Welbrook Negative Declaration – Initial Study

Appendix   A – Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Background and Modeling Data

Appendix B1 – Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation

Appendix B2 – Soils Report Update for Due Diligence

Appendix   C – Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Appendix D1 – Preliminary Hydrology Study

Appendix D2 – Preliminary Water Quality Management Plan

Appendix D3 – Sanitary Sewer Analysis

Appendix   E – Noise Background and Modeling Data

Appendix   F – Traffic Impact Analysis

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