Opportunity Sites

Take the Preliminary Opportunity Sites Survey!

The first survey for our General Plan update asks you your thoughts and opinions about 14 sites from across Fountain Valley. The survey parallels a bus tour that the General Plan Advisory Committee and the public participated in on January 12th. The purpose of the tour and this survey is to help the community become familiar with these sites which will help to inform future discussions about the potential for land use change. The survey will be available through March 8th.

First take a tour of the sites.

The City recommends that you familiarize yourself with these sites by either visiting them in person and/or taking a virtual tour. 

  • TO VISIT IN PERSON, click here to download a map of the sites and their physical addresses. Use the map, your phone, or your car's GPS to visit the sites. The sites are listed in the same order on the map and this survey, so you can take the map with you and take the survey while you're visiting the sites.
  • TO TAKE A VIRTUAL TOUR, click here to see aerial and street view maps of each site and the surrounding area in a simple web-friendly format.

Then tell us what you think.

  • TO TAKE THE SURVEY ON-LINE click here. Rest assured you are not required to answer all of the questions and all responses will be kept confidential. Thank you for your time and input!
  • A PAPER VERSION OF THE SURVEY IS AVAILABLE TOO click here to download and print an opportunity sites and survey packet, feel free to e-mail (planning.building@fountainvalley.org), mail (10200 Slater Ave, Attention: Planning Department), or return your survey in person at City Hall