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City Manager’s Update – April 3, 2020

These are challenging times for all of us as we figure out how to cope through the COVID-19 crisis. Despite the challenge, our Fountain Valley community will find a way to make it through this tough time.
Your City organization, led by your City Council, is focused on continuing to provide essential service for our Community throughout this crisis. They have tasked me as the City Manager to organize and coordinate our City services. Here is an update on those efforts. 

City Services Update

At the city, all essential services are operational, although most are available by telephone or online at this time. Our Police, Fire and Public Works maintenance staff are still hard at work keeping our community safe. Although our City buildings are now closed to public access, we still have our staff working at our senior center and City Hall keeping City operations going (using proper social distancing). We will be having a City Council meeting on Tuesday April 7th at City Hall (using proper social distancing) but encourage you to watch our meeting from home, either on the Public cable channel or through our meeting streaming feed on the City website. 

If you have needs or questions, call us at 714-593-4400 during normal business hours. To email questions, feel free to email our communication team. At the end of this message, there is also a list of specific departmental contacts.

Please know that deciding to close City facilities was not done lightly. We know these public spaces contribute greatly to your quality of life in Fountain Valley and we are trying hard to keep as many outdoor spaces open as possible. 

Currently Closed

All city buildings closed (to in-person services)
Sports park ball fields, basketball courts, handball courts, and tennis courts
Events and programs now postponed through April 30

Currently Open – (Please follow social distancing rule of 6 feet)

Community Parks
Sports Park grass fields
Please follow social distancing rules (6 feet apart) to ensure we do not have to close these remaining recreation locations.

Essential/non-essential businesses

There is some confusion as to which businesses are allowed to remain open. This decision was a State directive and not lead by the City so we need to defer to the 14-page list of essential types of business that the Governor has provided;

Not every single business is called out by name, which creates some confusion. 
Here is a short list of essential businesses and please check out the link for the full list and more information. 

Health care, including pharmacies
Grocery stores, markets, convenience stores
Home improvement/hardware
Big box stores that sell these essential items
Restaurants for takeout and delivery

Any business still open should be following social distancing guidelines. The City is currently educating businesses who may be in violation of the State order. You can contact the County Health Care Agency hotline to file a complaint of restaurants that permit seating and/or eating at its location at (714) 433-6000.

COVID Information and Resources 

For the latest information on COVID-19, please visit the city website COVID-19 page at, COVID-19 Information Fountain Valley, or
Stay Safe!

I will try and send out updates weekly as we progress through this event together. Also, stay tuned for weekly update videos from Mayor Cheryl Brothers. Until then please remember to practice social distancing, wash your hands, and stay home whenever possible!

Rob Houston

Fountain Valley City Manager

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2019 Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley is a nice place to live. It is a great motto to have but our Community will not settle on “nice” - here’s just a small sample of the many projects happening this year to make Fountain Valley even better!

  • Complete renovation of the Commercial center at the corner of Brookhurst and Garfield. Check out the new stores like Grocery Outlet, Eco Town, and the Sprint Store. Restaurants, a Dentist, and a Hairdresser will be joining in soon.
  • Full replacement of the Reservoir and Pump Station at Cordata Park
  • Renovation of Mile Square Center at the corner of Brookhurst and Heil Ave
  • Replacement of the playground at Allen Park
  • A new SWAT truck for our Police force to replace our 29 year old truck
  • This summer paving projects will include Newhope Street from Talbert to Warner and our “Quadrant H3, J1 and J2 neighborhood paving projects covering areas near Heil, Euclid, Warner, Harbor as well as the residential area East of Harbor and North of Edinger. We are thankful for Measure HH funding which helps us keep this valuable street paving program in place.  
  • The 405 widening project kicked off with the closure of Slater Bridge. Although inconvenient, it has been pleasantly surprising the lack of traffic congestion that has occurred to date. That being said this is the first year of a five-year project so we do want to remain connected to the OCTA website for updates as to the project status. The bridge is projected to be completed and reopened by Labor Day.
  • Be prepared that shortly after Labor Day, the Talbert and Bushard bridges will come fully down to be replaced over the next 12 months.
  • We have now kicked off the 2 plus year General Plan process that will involve many community meetings, a Citizen filled Advisory Council, a consulting team and our City Planning staff working together to complete an update of our General Plan which will set the foundation for how our City develops over the next 20 years. 
  • Economic Development conversations are ongoing throughout our community including within the area known as “the Crossings”. This area south of Talbert and east of Ward is seeing a number of development conversations occur as property owners determine if they want to redevelop their properties using the new planning overlay guidelines that the City Council passed earlier this year. Expect to see “Planet Granite”, a new climbing center begin operation sometime in the fall of this year at a building on Newhope just south of Talbert.
  • Remember Summerfest happens from June 20th to 23rd this year – see you all there!

Rob Houston

Fountain Valley City Manager