Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Bureau is under the direction of Fire Marshal Michelle Rudaitis and is composed of 4 main divisions.

Fire Prevention
The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for plan review and inspection of all new development in Fountain Valley, ensuring that fire protection systems are installed properly. Fire prevention also oversees the annual inspection program.

All businesses in Fountain Valley are inspected on an annual basis and are conducted as a joint effort by prevention bureau personnel, engine, and truck companies, as well as by senior volunteers as part of the First Program. This allows us to maintain a high level of fire safety among our business community.

Hazardous Materials
The Hazardous Materials Program focuses on assisting business owners with compliance requirements driven by Health and Safety Code Chapter 6.95. This includes the Hazardous Materials Disclosure/Business Emergency Plan Program.

Compliance with these regulations and regular inspections keep the business owners and community safe from the potentially harmful effects of hazardous materials releases.

Disaster Preparedness
The Fountain Valley Fire Department is responsible for the oversight and coordination of the city's Disaster Preparedness/Emergency Management Program. We accomplish this task with the assistance of the Emergency Preparedness Committee, which consists of a representative from each city department, to establish a cohesive program for all personnel.

This division is responsible for the planning, mitigation, response, and recovery to and from a major disaster.

Public Education
Public education is a joint effort by the entire staff of the Fountain Valley Fire Department, whether it be requests for school fire safety programs, fire station tours, disaster preparedness talks for community groups, or our annual fire station Open House in October, public education is a high priority for all members of the department.

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