Ambulance Transportation

CARE Ambulance Services
Although the Fire Department provides paramedic services, the City of Fountain Valley contracts with a private company for ambulance transportation services. CARE Ambulance Service has provided outstanding service to the community since 1998.

CARE Ambulance Service has been awarded multiple ambulance contracts through competitive bid processes. Ambulance transportation charges are billed directly by CARE and the rates are set by the Orange County Board of Supervisors.
Advanced Life-Support
Fountain Valley Fire Department provides the community with advanced life-support (ALS) paramedic services. The department has provided emergency medical care as a core service since the Department’s formation in 1964 and began providing ALS paramedic service in 1975.

The majority (85%) of the department’s emergency responses are for medical aid. Each engine company and the ladder truck are staffed and equipped to provide a complete array of advanced emergency medical care for any type of serious illness or injury.

Of the 4 firefighters assigned to each fire company, 2 are California licensed paramedics and 2 are certified emergency medical technicians.