Current Projects

Slater Avenue Mixed-Use Project

Slater Concept photoThe proposed project would demolish the existing 3 buildings, pavement, and infrastructure on the project site, and construct one building structure that would include 270 residential units, a restaurant with 5,000 square feet of indoor dining space and 2,000 square feet of outdoor dining space, a parking garage, and amenities.

Site Plan
North-West Elevations
South-East Elevations

The project includes a Development Code Amendment to create a new mixed-use zone, a General Plan Amendment to change the Land Use designation of the site from General Commercial (up to 0.50 FAR) to a new land use designation of Mixed Use 1 (MU-1). The project also includes a Zoning Change to change the zoning of the site from Local Business (C-1 – 0.5 FAR) to Mixed Use (MU-1). The proposed project would result in a gross density of 81 dwelling units per acre (du/ac) after density bonus for provision of affordable housing. A Precise Plan of Design is proposed for the building structure and a Conditional Use Permit is proposed to allow the restaurant.