Urban Water Management Plan

The purpose of the Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) is to provide the State of California’s Department of Water Resources an assessment of the City's present and future water resources needs. Specifically, this document provides water supply planning for a 25-year planning period in 5-year increments. The plan identifies water supplies for existing and future demands; quantifies water demands during the normal year, single-dry year and multiple-dry years; and identifies supply reliability under the three hydrological conditions.

The City’s 2015 UWMP update revises the 2010 UWMP and the City is
Currently working on the new 2020 UWMP. The UWMP document has
Been prepared in compliance with the requirement of the Urban Water
Management Planning (UWMP) Act as amended in 2009.

2015 UWMP Draft
2015 UWMP Appendices
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