Public Cable Television Authority

Public Cable Television Authority (PCTA), a joint powers agency representing the Cities of Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Westminster, and Stanton is responsible for monitoring federal and state video service provider customer service standards in your community.

Although video service provider rates are deregulated under federal law, the PCTA serves as a resource for local video service subscriber on customer service issues they may be having with their local provider.

PCTA assists subscribers with any unresolved complaints about video provider customer service standards. If you would like more information about customer service standards or would like to file a complaint, please contact PCTA at 714-968-2024.
Fountain Valley TV 
The PCTA also manages and produces original programming for Fountain Valley's government access television station.  FVTV can be viewed on Time Warner Cable Channel 3, Verizon FiOS Channel 21 and AT&T U-Verse Channel 99.  Please contact the PCTA if you have questions, comments or concerns regarding programming on FVTV.  To view Channel 3 streaming live on your PC, please click the following link.  Channel 3 Link
The following are just some of the customer service standards that the PCTA monitors:

  • Prompt phone connection times and courteous service from your video service providers
  • Clear and itemized service billing
  • On time appointments by video service provider technicians
  • Response to service interruptions within 24 hours
  • Credit for interrupted service upon subscriber request


  • For complaints regarding Telephone Service, please contact the Consumer Affairs Branch of the California Public Utilities Commission at 800-649-7570.
  • For complaints regarding Internet Service Providers, please contact the Consumer Affairs Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission at 888-225-5322.
  • If you have an unresolved video service provider concern or complaint, contact PCTA at 714-968-2024.