Crime Suppression Unit

The Crime Suppression Unit (CSU) is staffed by one sergeant and three detectives.  CSU responsibilities include crime fighting strategies that focus on repeat offenders, impacting emerging crime trends, narcotics enforcement, vice and massage operations, and gang and graffiti crimes. 

Repeat Offender: Tracking subjects who are on parole and probation, and conducting regular compliance checks and searches are accomplished to thwart these criminals attempts to engage in criminal activity.

Emerging Crime Trends:  Focusing enforcement efforts on emerging crime trends based on information developed by the Crime Analyst.  Tactics include directed enforcement to identify and arrest suspects, or conducting surveillance of crime suspects or in areas where crime trends are occurring.

Narcotics Enforcement: This strategy is locally focused with special attention being paid to those who impact the youth of our community.

Vice Operations: Illicit massage establishments and street prostitution involve human trafficking and have detrimental impact on local businesses.  Active enforcement efforts and working with the Attorney for the City on nuisance abatement proceedings are employed to address these crimes.

Gang Crimes and Vandalism: CSU takes the lead role in monitoring and investigating gang and vandalism crimes.