Applications & Fees


  • Administrative Wireless Communication Facilities Permit - Required for any new or colocated wireless facility.
  • Area Variance Application - Minor variances are an adjustment of a code requirement by up to 10% that are permitted by Fountain Valley Municipal Code 21.50.030.
  • Banner Permit Application - A temporary banner permit is required to hang a banner on a building for a maximum time of 60 days. The banner must be removed for a minimum of 30 days before another temporary banner permit can be issued.
  • Development Review Application - Applications for all non-residential architectural modifications (e.g., building materials, colors, doors, facades, landscaping, roof materials, windows, etc.) require a Development Review application which requires Planning Commission approval.
  • Foreclosure Property Registration Form- Fountain Valley Municipal Code Section 8.53 requires the registration of properties within the City of Fountain Valley that are in the foreclosure process.
  • Planning and Development Application - This is a general application for all planning entitlements. Please note that public noticing requirements are not typically required for tentative parcel maps or development reviews. Please verify with a Planner at 714-593-4425.
  • Resolution Review Application - Required for the transfer of a conditional use permit.
  • Sign Permit Application - An administrative sign permit is required for properties that do not have an approved sign program. This application is required in addition to a building permit.
  • Special Event Permit Application - Also known as Temporary Use Permit.
  • Temporary Use Permit Application - A Temporary Use Permit is required for Parking Lot Sales and Special Events.
  • Variance Findings Form - This form is required to be submitted along with the Planning and Development Application if submitting for a variance. Variance Procedures


Foreclosure Property Registration Fees and Fines 
Planning Department Fee Schedule