Academy Preparation

The following prerequisites and requirements are applicable to the Regular Basic Course (Police Academy): 

  1. Students must possess a valid California Driver’s License.  
  2. Students must not have any Federal or State Felony convictions.
  3. Students must obtain from the Department of Justice written certification that there is nothing in their criminal history background which would disqualify them from owning, possessing, or having under their control, any firearm capable of being concealed on their person.
  4. Students must certify their physical fitness for the course.
  5. Students must successfully complete a P.O.S.T. prescribed reading and writing skills examination.
  6. Students must pass a job-related physical agility test.
  7. Students must participate in an oral interview.
  8. Students must pass a Traits Profile Assessment and be free from any physical, behavioral, emotional, or mental condition.
  9. Students must execute an agreement assuming the risk of harm from participating in the course. 
  10. Agency affiliates are expected to meet the minimum standards prescribed by P.O.S.T