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Jan 25

Fountain Valley Crossings Specific Plan Update

Posted on January 25, 2018 at 8:15 AM by Maggie Le

Crossings Land Use Map

The City Council approved the Certification of Final Environmental Impact Report for the Crossings Specific Plan at the January 23 City Council Special Meeting. They also approved the General Plan Amendment, Zone Change, and Code Amendment.

The City has initiated the Fountain Valley Crossings Specific Plan (FVCSP) with the purpose of creating a policy and zoning framework that will allow for additional land-use flexibility. The FVCSP area consists of the approximate 162-acres of light industrial/commercial uses in the southeastern portion of the City located south of Talbert Avenue, north of Ellis Avenue, east of Ward Street and west of the Santa Ana River. The new land use flexibility will not only allow property owners and businesses to continue to operate as they do today, but will also provide a design framework in which a community activity center district could be created through private investment. Another purpose of the FVCSP is to foster the creation of a “Fountain Valley” scale main street experience for residents. This main street environment would provide a gathering place for families and all residents where they can shop and dine.

The FVCSP is a zoning tool that has a 20-year horizon. Adoption of the FVCSP will not cause overnight changes to occur in the district, but it will likely foster future changes. The FVCSP would promote reinvestment and guide future reuse of the existing industrial business park with a mix of uses including retail, office, residential and industrial uses while providing for streetscape improvements that encourage community connectivity and gathering. The FVCSP includes policy and program components to address proposed building form, height, development standards and strategies for open space, community benefits, and circulation. These standards also effectively define and limit maximum foreseeable future growth that could occur within the FVCSP area.

For details information on the Fountain Valley Crossings Specific Plan, click here.