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Apr 20

Coming Soon! Experience FV Mobile App

Posted on April 20, 2018 at 2:30 PM by Maggie Le

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A free mobile app that lets you explore, discover and experience Fountain Valley like never before. Taking the intersection of community, technology and story-telling this city app will be bringing together all our community stakeholders – City Hall, businesses, schools, clubs/organizations and residents.  Designed to surprise, amaze and delight: “Unbelievable!  For lunch, I’m going to get to try different restaurants in the city every day and what’s great is I get to take a friend or associate for free”, said Kevin Hizon, attorney, an early app reviewer. Our local businesses will be able to share their “betcha didn’t know” stories: “I’m located in a Shell station” said Harry Kechejian, Fountain Valley eatery owner, Kech Café, ranked #15 on Yelp in 2015.

Join us June 1, 2018 for the official launch through your favorite mobile play store. Search: Experience FV, Fountain Valley, or Cty611.

For Licensed businesses wishing to participate in the Experience FV Mobile App

This is an exclusive marketing and promotion opportunity only for licensed Fountain Valley businesses. There is no charge for this promotion.

Please contact Craig Sunada, Chief Story Producer, at (714) 332-2833 or email: craig.sunada@cty611.com.