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May 29

General Plan Update

Posted on May 29, 2019 at 2:43 PM by Maggie Le

General Plan2General Plan1

Fountain Valley is updating its General Plan, which guides the long-term growth and development of the community. The citizen’s committee leading this effort, the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC), conducted their second meeting on May 13 at MemorialCare Health and Wellness Pavilion.

The GPAC focused on developing the values and issues that are most important to Fountain Valley’s residents and businesses. These values and issues set broad parameters that will guide the formation of the General Plan. Through a series of discussions and preference setting exercises, the GPAC developed the following set of preliminary values and issues (summary only):

  • Economic prosperity and development opportunities (attract and retain a variety of businesses to provide employment, shopping, and dining options and a strong tax base, which allows quality public services)
  • Fiscal sustainable government (quality public services with a reasonable cost of delivery)      
  • Well-maintained neighborhoods (clean, well-designed, and well-maintained neighborhoods with quality parks while maintaining local control of development standards)
  • Diverse retail/dining options (variety of options and price-points within the City)
  • Diverse housing options (variety of housing types and price-points to accommodate future generations and employees)
  • Strong educational opportunities (quality educational opportunities for primary through post high school and including vocational training and business partnerships to attract/retain residents and businesses)
  • Safety from hazards (strong public safety services with pre-planning for hazards and emergency response)
  • Government transparency and honesty (responsive staff and officials, open communication, and access to information)
  • Reputable health care facilities (full spectrum of quality and accessible medical options
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