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Aug 30

Fountain Valley Firefighters Returned From the Dixie Fire

Posted on August 30, 2021 at 11:49 AM by Maggie Le

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Fountain Valley Firefighters was successful assisting the Dixie Fire and returned safely on August 4, 2021 after fighting fire for 14 days. The Dixie Fire grew to over 325,000 acres. Our Firefighters dress differently for wildland fires, which allows them to travel through a variety of terrains.  Our strike team of five engines were assigned to keep the fire from jumping the road to protect homes and other structures below. The backpack harnesses they were wearing carry tools, water and an emergency fire proof “tent” that they can cover themselves for about 20 seconds to protect them from the fire if needed. They have saved many homes and critical buildings like a water pumping plant and historic buildings. Your firefighters worked hard for these communities and represented the City of Fountain Valley well.

Shortly after the return of the first crew, a second crew responded to the Dixie Fire as part of an OES Strike Team of 21 firefighters. They have been working on the fire and saving structures for that last two weeks. They will return after 21 days at the fire.

Dixie fire5