How is Fountain Valley doing its part?

Fountain Valley is doing many things to reduce water use on public property, such as using recycled water to irrigate landscapes, reducing irrigation run times, and replacing turf and other ornamentals with drought tolerant landscapes. The City stopped watering ornamental turf on public street medians as mandated by the State several years ago and is exploring drought tolerant alternatives. Fountain Valley also continue its outreach to the public regarding water conservation and available incentives for customers to install water efficient devices.

In response to the Level 2 Water Restrictions, the City is restricting its outdoor watering to 3 days a week (as assigned on Monday, Wednesday & Friday) at all of the City's properties, facilities, parks, right-of-ways, etc. The City has also stopped irrigating the areas of non-functional turf identified at City Hall, the Senior Center, Fire Station No. 2, the City Yard and Well #8.

Please note that the Fountain Valley Sports Park is irrigated with recycled water that is not subject to the Level 2 and permanent water restrictions.

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1. What are the City's water restrictions, and how do they apply to me?
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11. How is Fountain Valley doing its part?
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14. What does no more than 15 minutes per station per day mean?
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16. If 3 days per week at 15 minutes per station = 45 minutes, can I spread my 45 minutes over more days in smaller increments?
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19. Watering of ornamental turf on public street medians is prohibited. What is a public street median?
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