What types of improvements are eligible?
All previous renovations, not properly permitted, must be brought into compliance prior to participation in the program. All health and safety related problems and code violations (e.g. faulty wiring, unsanitary plumbing, and unpermitted structures) must be corrected before general improvements can be made. Once all health and safety related issues have been corrected, general home improvement items will be considered.

Applicants must receive approval from city staff prior to the commencement of any work. Any work completed prior to the receipt of approval from city staff will not receive funding.

All improvements must be completed by an approved contractor with a California State Contractor’s License in good standing. All contractors must also carry current general liability and worker’s compensation insurance policies, and must obtain a City of Fountain Valley Business License.

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1. How does a homeowner apply?
2. Who is eligible for the program?
3. What types of improvements are eligible?