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  1. Join the Community Conversation about Fountain Valley’s Future - Tell Us What Solutions Are Important to YOU!
    The City of Fountain Valley prides itself on its quality of life services and our strong fiscal stewardship of your taxpayer dollars. But unfortunately, over the past several years, the State has shifted responsibility for mandated programs to the County and local cities—and has taken over $116,000,000 from our City. Despite the City’s best efforts—which includes significant pension reform, reductions in the number of City staff, and other cost reductions -- the City of Fountain Valley faces a budget challenge of $1.7 million in fiscal year 2016-17, which will grow to over $4 million by fiscal year 2020-21. Throughout May 2016, City staff has conducted over 20 community outreach meetings and received valuable community input. Public safety such as police, fire and emergency responses are critical to the community. In order to maintain the current level of services we will need to generate additional revenues. We would like to hear from you on the following considered solutions. Please complete and return this Community Feedback Form TODAY. Thank you for your feedback!
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