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Art on a Box Program

  1. Fountain Valley Recreation Department Color Logo, drawing of tree, grass, blue sky
  2. Art on a Box Program
    Please be sure to review all program guidelines prior to submitting an application. Please submit applica-tion and all information to Community Services Manager, Yvette Aguilar at:
  4. Facebook and/or Website URL
  5. Artwork Specifications
    • Vendor will work with the artist directly on the specifications for the artwork.
    • If artist is unable to meet vendor specifications, artwork may not be used for display.
  6. If created in Adobe Photoshop:
    • At full size 100 dpi.
    • 6” bleed all sides
  7. If created in Adobe Illustrator:
    • At full size Vector art.
    • 6” bleed all sides
  8. Provide link to artwork file, if stored elsewhere.
  9. By agreeing below, I acknowledge that I understand submittal of application does not confirm acceptance of artwork and agree that I will work with the City should my artwork be selected for publication/display for the Art on a Box program.
  10. I have read and understand the guidelines.*
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